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Sisterhood Purses partners with Wo/Men's Resource and Rape Assistance Program (WRAP) to distribute purses to women survivors of domestic and sexual violence. To learn more about their program and services, click here

Why are we giving purses to survivors of domestic and sexual violence? As the owner of this company, I know what it is like to live with the shame of sexual abuse. At age 11, I was a victim of sexual abuse from one of my stepfathers. 

Shame and guilt are terrible burdens to bear alone and in silence. They weigh on you. And though you may go on with life, it's always there, lingering in the background. The long term psychological consequences of sexual and domestic violence are well documented. And it is also well documented that the majority of women never report what happened to them.

When a woman does make the decision to seek help or report what is happening to her, unfortunately too many times, they are not believed or are told it is their fault. We live in a society where victim blaming is much too common, and the men that commit these crimes are never brought to justice. WRAP is an organization committed to changing these things for survivors.

WRAP serves over 1,000 women on an annual basis. When the purses are given to them, their social workers decide when to give a purse to a survivor. It may be when they first arrive for services, when they enter the shelter, when they have an important court date, or the first day of a new job. A purse is given to a survivor at some point during their journey when they need a little extra boost of encouragement. The purse is given when they need to know that there are others out there cheering them on and wanting them to succeed. 

Please know that I have mission for this company far beyond selling purses. My goal is for this company to grow large enough to eventually provide purses to thousands of women. And not only to provide purses, but to fund advocacy efforts to change the conversation for survivors. To eliminate victim blaming and create a culture where women feel safe reporting violence against them. To help lift the burden of shame and guilt. I know this is a big dream. In an emerging culture of #metoo and #timesup, I believe the time is right to move forward. 

Thank you for visiting our site, and if you purchase a purse, another big thank you for helping us achieve our goals. 


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